Washing Instructions

Wear the right sportswear for your activity

Wearing the right sportswear is important yet overlooked by most of us. Wearing cotton sweatpants and tee shirts in the gym is one example. Unfortunately, cotton also doesn’t last when washed multiple times, not to mention it will lose its shape after heavy & sweaty workouts.

Wash dirty clothing as quickly as possible

The best way to get rid of the oils, ground in dirt and sweat, along with the body odour smells, is to wash the items of clothing ASAP. Your favourite top, pair of shorts or sports bra will thank you for it.

Soak the sweaty sportswear in clean water

Soak your sportswear, turned inside out, in clean water to get rid of the dirt and sweat while you get them ready to wash. Following this method ensures when washing multiple types of fabrics together that, they won’t soil.

Cold water wash only

Finding ‘cold’ water in Dubai can be a challenge. However, hot water breaks microfibres and reduces the shelf life of sportswear by months and even years! So always keep the washing machine settings on cold to gently rinse out the dirt, and preserve elastics and delicate fabric. This way, investment in good quality & expensive sportswear doesn’t go to waste.

No tumble drying or drying in sunlight

Tumble drying and the Sun are enemies to your sportswear. The scorching summers of Dubai will break down your fabric one fibre at a time, while mild sunlight may help eliminate odours. But tumble drying is a different story. Your underwire sports bra, mesh tops & tees, cut-out shorts, grip socks, and shoes are going down the drain sooner than you thought because of the dryer. Ideally, clothes must be air dried without overly stretching the elastics to prevent distortion.

Iron on the lowest temperature

While typical sportswear won’t need much ironing, some might, especially the cotton tracksuits. Be gentle; start at the lowest temperatures, and you might increase it gradually only up to a particular mark. Be gentle and mindful. Remember: High iron temperatures are your sportswear’s foes.