Our Guarantee


We will always treat you respectfully if something is wrong – our customers come first! OG Classic LLC (OGC) stands by the quality and durability of our products. If you are not satisfied with any item you buy from OGC, return it for a refund within one month from the date of purchase. After one month, we will also consider returns for defective items or not performing as designed.

Special Conditions

At OGC, we understand the challenges for customers managing their active, leisure or sportswear and parents caring for their child’s school uniform. We are confident in the quality of our products and can take what our customers put them through. However, nothing lasts forever or handles every abuse. Our guarantee covers product flaws and failures, not ordinary wear and tear. The following conditions apply regardless of when you made your purchase. Sorry, we cannot accept returns for:

  • Products damaged by misuse, inappropriate use, negligence, improper care, or damaged by using the wrong setting when ironing (e.g. iron is too hot or ironing directly on a logo of a non-sublimated garment)
  • Products showing extreme abuse or unusual wear and tear
  • Products lost or damaged through natural disasters, fire or accidents
  • Products with a missing or defaced label, or brands we don’t sell
  • Products sold in multiples, such as 3-packs, but returned individually
  • Products that have been contaminated or soiled beyond a reasonable expectation
  • Products returned for personal circumstances (such as weight loss or gain) unrelated to product design or performance
  • Repetitive abuse of our return policy