Classic Child Performance Vest

AED 78.75

Work harder and stay cooler with the Classic Performance Vest. Neoteric™ textured fabric with inherent wickability and UPF 40+ UV protection.

Self fabric bound neckline and armholes.

Made from 98% Polyester, 2% Elastane 140gsm

Check sizing guidelines
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Size Guidelines

Please follow these simple sizing guidelines to ensure you select the correct size:
  1. Choose a similar garment from your wardrobe:  you want to compare garments that are similar in fit.  E.g. compare tee shirts with tee shirts, rugby jerseys with rugby jerseys, training vests with training vests etc.  This is important as different garments will fit the body differently.
  2. Lay your garments flat on a table.
  3. Measure approximately 2cm down from where the underarm joins the body.
  4. Measure from the 2cm down point you have marked, straight across the chest from side seam to side seam. This is called the half chest measurement (Measurement A in the diagram to the right)
  5. Match this 'half chest measurement' to the relevant size chart to select your corresponding garment size.
  6. Measuring the garment length: The garment length (Measurement B in the diagram) is measured straight from the neck seam to the garment hem.
J4 13 33.0 18.1 46.0
J6 13.8 35.0 19.7 50.0
J8 14.8 37.5 21.3 54.0
J10 15.7 40.0 22.8 58.0
J12 16.9 43.0 24.4 62.0
J14 18.1 46.0 26.0 66.0