Who We Are

Providing high-quality attire from casual to sportswear, corporate to military and PSE to schoolwear, OG Classic’s focus is ensuring you receive what you need at an affordable price when you need it.
Who We Are

Based in the UAE, we use advanced technology materials and manufacturing techniques to produce off-the-shelf or bespoke designs to meet your clothing requirements.

Who We Are

We will deliver from an extensive portfolio in our Classic Stock collection if you are seeking a new casual look for the next brunch event or night out with family and friends.

Through our extensive supplier network, we have developed the following core capability:

Delivery of sustainable, high-performance sportswear:  Our manufacturing capability has mastered the manufacture of recycled materials to create a garment from 96% to 100% recycled textiles, utilising sixteen plastic bottles in every item.  These garments can be delivered in a sublimated finish and a standard cut and sew.  Such sportswear (training and match kit) is currently used by international rugby teams (South Africa, England & Australia), premiership and amateur rugby clubs in the UK and AFL franchises in Australia.

Provision of sports equipment:  Over the last year, we have developed an extensive network of equipment suppliers that support sports clubs in the disciplines they offer.  We can provide the necessary sports equipment for rugby, football, cricket, basketball and netball, creating a centralised and efficient offering.

Provision of bespoke active, corporate and leisurewear:  We can provide organisations with a wide range of active, corporate uniforms and leisurewear.  We can provide bespoke or off-the-shelf designs for various activities and industries as well as sporting memorabilia.

Online bespoke shop:  We can provide schools and sports clubs with an online shop capability providing an additional revenue stream for the organisation, whilst supporting any offline club shop with our online technology.  This is supported by a next-day delivery system for customers and members residing in the UAE.